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About the artist. . .


Art has always been part of my life.  My paintings are about what I like and what I see at the moment.


Growing up and working as an interior designer in Detroit during the Motown years, I absorbed its rhythm, energy and colorful visions.


Traveling the world inspires me, (blues of Iceland, greens of Ireland), cultures, exotic hues of ancient Chinese temples, the architecture of the Vatican, and the art of the Hermitage and the Louvre, the spirituality of Israel, and the vastness and earthiness of Lapland.  All of this leaves an impression in my mind.  In June we will again be traveling to Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, expanding my creativity even farther.


Life circumstances, moving my parents in 2007 to Adrian from Florida to take care of them persuaded me to retire from having a small advertising business for 14 years, and working for Weight Watchers for 10. Needing a distraction, I started focusing more on my art and working with a vengeance.


I work in water-based media, acrylic, watercolor, batiks, abstracts with a bit of a whimsical dimension in collage techniques.


I would like to invite you, and others to share the experience of my original, affordable art.

- Pat Cooper


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