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About the artist. . .

Art had always been a part of my
life. My paintings are about what
I like and what I see at the

Growing up in Detroit during the
Motown years, helped mold these
colorful visions. Also traveling
all over the world and exploring
the Hermitage, the Louvre, the
Vatican, Israel, China and even
Lapland influenced me.

2007 was the year I moved my
parents to Adrian from Florida
to help take care of them. I
needed something to alleviate
the stress and started focusing
on my art, working with a

I work mostly in water-based 
media; acrylic, watercolor, 
batiks, and abstracts with a bit
of a whimsical dimension. I'd 
like to invite others to share
the experience of original, 
affordable art.

- Pat Cooper


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